Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Money Give Away Report - January

Gotcha! You probably read the title and thought that this was going to be a post about how I am going to give away money. Well, I am. The only catch is, you probably won't be the recipient unless you are some worthy non-profit.

In keeping with my New Year's Resolution #1, I am keeping a record of the income I make through the course of the year, and I am donating half to a charity (to be chosen by the readers) in December. So, for a review of the numbers:

ING Direct referrals: $20
Ebates referrals: $10
BigCrumbs referrals: $0.10 (yes, the decimal is in the correct place)
Total: $30.10

Therefore, in addition to the $5 from December, I'll be donating $15.05, giving us a total of $20.05! Thanks to those of you who contributed by signing up for various programs, and I hope they've served you well. I truly appreciate it.

Where's the other half going, you ask? Well, if you must know, I plan on doing give aways here and there, so it gives me a little more flexibility to do those sorts of things as well as paying probably 0.000001% of my student loan interest, but that's another story. That's all for today, unless I come across some juicy piece of Paris Hilton gossip or I discover the formula for cold fusion while passed out from studying. I'm out.

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