Thursday, September 28, 2006

free stuff

So quick post since I need to get back to work. A couple free things, but you have to act quick/live in the right area.

First, Cold Stone Creamery is offering FREE ice cream tonight from 5-8 PM as part of the Make-A-Wish promotion. Go enjoy some free ice cream, and PLEASE make a donation!

Second, free Seattle's Best coffee at participating Borders locations. Borders is doing grand openings of their new Seattle's Best coffeeshops, so if you happen to live near one, here's a free coupon!

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Big Lots of Savings

My second trip to Big Lots has confirmed my suspicions - it's a great place to save. In addition, it's also a place where you can actually find many hard to find food items.

If you live in a small(er) town like I do now (Augusta, GA), you may find it difficult to find exotic or ethnic ingredients, at least inexpensive ones. When I go to the local grocery stores, they don't carry the same selection as the stores in Atlanta did. Today at Big Lots, I found several ingredients for Asian dishes that I could never find in a local Publix or Kroger - black bean sauce, cous cous, textured soy protein, and the list goes on.

They even had my favorite home cleaning brand - Method - and that's saying a lot because home cleaning supplies don't usually get me too excited. I consider it kind of the Apple of home cleaning supplies - generally just aesthetically pleasing and makes you feel good. I don't know how companies do it, but man do they sure do a good job. But of course, like Apple, you normally pay a premium, but in this case, since it's at Big Lots, it's suuuuuper cheap! If you tried it, you'd understand why I get this excited about a home cleaning brand.

In addition to the things I mentioned above, they have great deals on many things. It's all brand new stuff, but the stores for whatever reason overstocked or couldn't sell enough in time and had to clear space, so they sell it really cheaply to Big Lots and those savings are passed on to you. First rate merchandise at second hand prices. I'm loving it Lots!
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