Saturday, January 27, 2007

Festival of Under 30 Finances #15 Summary

I'm taking part in the Festival of Under 30 Finances #15 hosted by Money, Matter, and More Musings with my article about high yield savings accounts. In addition, here are my picks for the best of the fest:

American Inventor Spot shows how to get paid to be green. Not as in "green with envy"green but more like "I don't shower but once a month because I like to conserve water" green.

Queercents discusses how peer pressure spending affect one's financial decisions. Yet another example of how people feel compelled to keep up with the Joneses. The solution? Take a look at what this guy did - you might recognize him.

It's Just Money explains why American Idol is ruining America. I'm not quite sure that it's directly related to money, but entertaining premise nonetheless.

An English Major's Money explains very eloquently (I would expect no less) the symbolism of money. It's definitely something that I've had to deal with as well, and it never crossed my mind to think of money having any sort of symbolic significance - except for that S with a line through it. What a smarty pants.

Ok, enough for now, I'll definitely write some more tomorrow to further delay my inevitable studying.

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