Monday, January 22, 2007

Carnival of Personal Finance #84 Summary

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity is hosting this week's Carnival of Personal Finance. This week, there were an astounding 77, yes 77 submissions. I went through all of them and picked out my favorite. The bright shiny ones especially caught my attention.

Digerati Life writes "How Rich Neighborhoods Can Be Deadly" And you thought living in the ghetto was dangerous.

Wise Bread explains how to buy a car using a broker. I didn't even realize there was such a thing as a car broker, but I guess there's a broker for just about anything. Real estate, insurance, cars, sex, you name it. Also, read the part 2, where he explains how to do it on your own. Good tips if you're in the market for buying a car.

Time to Budget expresses her displeasure with those pesky 50 year mortgages. Another thing I didn't realize even existed. She makes good points about how debt has become such an accepted part of our lifestyles, that people don't think twice about having a debt for 50 years. If you're at the stage in your life where you're buying a house, your expected life expectancy from that point is probably about 50 years! You're in debt for life!

Clever Dude enlightens us with 5 Xtreme Saving Ideas! I'll admit, I do one of the five. I'll let you guess which one.

Financial Fitness explains her situation where she did not work for a year (intentionally). It's actually a pretty inspiring story, and just goes to show, money doesn't buy happiness. Making whopee does.

While I find taxes generally very boring, Roth & Company, P.C. (is this even a blog?) tells the true story of a man trying to evade taxes... and authorities. So maybe the tax world gets an interesting story once in a blue moon.

A Girl Worth Saving shares with us her Financial Achilles' Heel. I think everyone can relate to her story of having something we like to splurge on. Nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while. It only becomes a problem when you start jonesing it. (I've been hearing this term flung about by the youth these days, so I thought I'd try to sound hip and incorporate it into my daily vocabulary.)

Money for the Rest of Us explains "You Are What You Eat" A simple thing you can do to save money is packing your own lunch - something I do everyday. I'm a big fan of the PB&J too. warns us, "Don't Rely on the Lottery" A great post on why you shouldn't play the lottery (as if you needed another reason). Unless you want to subsidize college for kids who probably don't need it anyways - but it is a great political platform.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. I hope to post more in the next few days because we have a little break, so keep coming back for more!

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