Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year's Resolutions #2,3

Continuing the post I began earlier, a couple of more New Year's resolutions:

2. Create a budget
I've never really been one to budget (or make New Year's resolutions). Not because I can't control my spending, but rather the opposite - I know that I'm cheap. Even then, I think it should be an interesting exercise to see how much money I save as well as where most of my spending goes - right now, I'm betting on food (after rent, of course). Also, almost every personal finance article which I come across discusses budgeting, and how you use it to understand and control finances. It will be more beneficial to see where I am on a more continuous basis rather than progressing straight from, "Hey, I just got my huge loan deposited into my account" to "Yay, I made it to the end of the semester without going bankrupt!" I'm not sure how this will affect me psychologically. Will it become, dare I say, a game to see how much cheaper I can be? Or will I reward myself more for being under my budget? Only time will tell.

3. Post here at least once a week
I've had the opportunity to post so much recently because of a nice little break from school, but beginning January 2, I'm back in class - unless I have too much fun on New Year's Eve. I want to keep this up because I enjoy reading other blogs and interacting with fellow bloggers. I've also found that writing some of these posts require research, making me better informed, and thus more prepared to conquer the world. Furthermore, if I want to have a very successful resolution #1, I'm going to need people coming back for more. What was that movie? Field of Dreams, right? "If you write it, they will come"... or something like that. I need a strategy. My strategy will be to write a few posts when I have down time, and then post them gradually, so I always have some saved for when I get busier. Kind of like pumping out ideas by slow peristalsis as opposed to explosive you-know-what.

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