Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dell coupon

Here's a late Christmas present for you guys. A few months ago, I was helping my brother buy a computer, and we decided to buy it from Dell. Because UPS supposedly could not find our address - although they had delievered an item earlier in the week - they sent our order back to Dell. After talking to customer service for longer than it would've taken me to drive from Georgia to Texas and back, I finally got a concession coupon for $35. I had planned on buying something with it, but there's really nothing I need right now, so I figure I'd give it away before it expires on 12/30. If any of you are looking to buy something from Dell, it is yours to be had.
Validity of the Coupon:
1. Coupon valid only for online purchases
2. This coupon is valid for purchases from U.S. Dell Home and
Home office's online store only
3. Coupon is valid for one (1) online order only at
( and is not valid through a telephone
4. Coupon cannot be applied if the order amount is less than the
Coupon dollar value before Shipping and Tax
(Example: If your coupon is for $25.00, then your subtotal before
tax and shipping must be $25.01 or more).
5. Coupon is good with select other offers but cannot be combined
with any other concession coupons.
Dell also has a pretty good outlet site where they sell refurbished, open box, and returned items at a pretty good price, and I would think this coupon would be valid there as well. (

Now you ask, how do I get this coupon? Simple, all you have to do is create a post about this on your blog and send me the link, either by leaving a comment or sending me an email. On December 27th at noon (central time), I will select a winner by drawing a name out of a hat (or hat-like apparatus) and post it here, along with a link to your blog. Who wants it?
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