Thursday, December 14, 2006

cheap movies

Not that I have time to really be doing this right now, but it was an interesting idea, so I thought I'd post. I apologize for the people who missed out on the free movie deal from fandango the other night, but that thing caught on like wildfire, and it ran out pretty quickly. While this deal isn't quite nearly as good, I saw this post on another blog about saving money by buying fandango gift certificates on eBay. Check it out here: How to save over 64% on movie tickets!

Also, for those of you interested in earning cashback, you can earn 36% of the seller's fee back when you make a purchase on eBay through BigCrumbs. While these cashback programs probably earn less money than a regular bank savings account (I'll get to this in some future post), every penny adds up!

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