Friday, December 01, 2006

Xmas shopping 1

Get ready for the Consumerism, I mean, Christmas season. If you need some good stocking stuffers or gifts, here's some stuff I found today. If you like these sorts of deals, let me know! I'm trying to keep these items I would be interested in as a student as well as keeping costs down. has a Kingston 2 GB USB Drive for $51.95. You can use the google checkout offer of $20 off $50, which is advertised on their site, and if you buy through you can get 2.7% cash back, which amounts to $0.73. In addition, there's a $25 rebate, which expires 12/2, so act fast! While these cashback sites don't seem to amount to much, if you use them for purchases you will normally make, you can get a nice chunk of change over the course of a year for little to no work, especially if you take advantage of the referral programs. If you take advantage of all of this, your final cost comes out to $51.95 - $20 - $25 - $0.73 =
$6.22, and it's shipped for free! Hot!

Another one from good ole A Kingston 2 GB SD card (for digital cameras, PDAs, etc.) is selling for $54.86. $54.86 - $20 (google checkout) - $0.91 ( = $12.95!

Lowe's has a nice 2 piece Dremel kit going for $29.97 in some areas (good in Augusta). If you've never heard of Dremel, they make things that spin very fast, and they're quite amazing. Need to sand down a sharp corner? Dremel's got it. Toenails too hard? Leave it to the Dremel. Anyone who likes to watch spinny things or likes to sand down things will love this tool!

40% off* at /w GCO through December 10, 2006.
Use code: TURKEY40 at online checkout.
NO FREE SHIPPING, which is around $7.
Use Fatwallet for 7% cashback!

The coupon: ipod50poff is works on the ipod car charger, portable speakers, and the usb power adapter
ipod car charger: $8.98 - (coupon: ipod50poff) = $4.49 Free Shipping!
USB power adapter: $11.98 - (coupon: ipod50poff) = $5.99 Free Shipping!
3.7% cash back through Jellyfish

25% off at Sports Authority
Additional 5.5% cashback at Mr. Rebates

A Charlie Brown Christmas CD for $4.88 at Amazon! Vince Guaraldi's the man!

US News and World 1 year subscription for $6.50 using the coupon "BSXWR" at Deekins! has some great deals on refurbished iPods. Use Fatwallet for 2% cashback!

Digital photo keychain at for $9.00. Use Ebates for 2% cashback!

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