Sunday, December 10, 2006

Free clothes through Freecycle

For those of you in Augusta, I found this on Freecycle today:
Clothing must go near mall. Hi all. I work at a local charity near the
Augusta mall called HPSO - Helping People Start Over. We are funded by
New Life Christian Church and run by volunteers. But we have lost our
building and need to clear out all of our clothing. We have quite a bit
that needs to go. We will be open on Wednesday the 13th, Friday the
15th, Wednesday the 20th, and maybe Friday the 22nd. After that it is
questionable. We need to clear all the clothing before then. Please
stop by on Wednesdays between 10 and 1 or on Fridays between 4 and 6
and fill out a simple paper and get as many clothes as you need. Please
help us out while getting some clothes you need. Thank you.
I discovered Freecycle last year as I spent hours of my post-graduate life scouring the internet to figure out how to live on a pre-K teacher salary - despite the fact that I was eating the kids' leftovers as my lunch, I still had other bills to pay. It's quite an ingenious concept and is founded on the belief that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Freecycle is an online community where people living in the same area can post offers for things they don't need, and someone who does need it will pick it up. It also helps keep stuff out of landfills, so you're saving the environment at the same time.

For me, Freecycle has been a great find because I live at the bottom of the trash heap of society, so anything that comes tumbling down seems like a gift from the gods. I've gotten a grill and several books out of it. But even I have given away a few things I didn't need, including a computer monitor and pedometer (it measures how much you walk, not how much you like kids).

Freecycle is all over the place, and almost any place with a population greater than 2 has their own board (sorry to those of you out there in Bumble#$*&). Find your community at, and maybe I'll see some of you out there this week!

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Blogger Ephilei said... is a improvement over Freecycle where free items are listed. It has a lot of advantages over Freecycle like pictures and search and it's easier for beginners to pick up.There are lots of advanced features too, like RSS, a Google Earth layer, and gmail-style conversation views. I hope you check it out.

April 17, 2007 at 12:48 PM  

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