Friday, December 29, 2006

Festival of Under 30 Finances

I've submitted my article Hot Food Finds to the Festival of Under 30 Finances hosted by Beachgirl's Budget Blog. In addition, here are some other interesting articles posted by fellow bloggers:

Universe of Success describes the "Law of tenfold return" While it's neither finance-related nor empirically proven fact, I do like to believe that karma goes around. Shoot, I still need to make up for running over that old lady crossing the street.... just kidding!

Life Training Online tells you "10 questions that determine your financial fitness" Considering I'm a student without any real income, I fail on most of these counts, but maybe you'll turn out better than I did.

Getting Green compares the similarities between the weight-loss industry and the financial services industry in "Of diets and dollars" Interesting comparison - I never would've made the connection. Not to toot my own horn - ok, so maybe just a little bit, but I need a little self-esteem boost after the last one - I must say I pass with flying colors on this one. I exercise my body and eat well, and I limit my spending.

There are several posts in this festival that discuss personal New Year's resolutions, and I was surprised to find that, like me, most of these people don't like New Year's resolutions! I wonder why that is? I am assuming that a lot of people who write these blogs are pretty financially responsible, so maybe they don't need them. Then again, maybe we're all so financially screwed up right now that we don't want to deal with the reality of our bleak bank roll. Either way, at least we're making them.

If you have any New Year's resolutions, post them here or link to posts on your blog. I'm curious to see what everyone's doing.

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