Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Sunday Paper #5

This edition of the Sunday Paper is the shortest ever. Whether it's because I stuck to my new rules or there were just a lack of good posts, who knows.

An English Major's Money discusses how financial independence works in her family. I've had similar discussions with my brother about this, and while I myself disagree with EM's conclusion, I think anyone can legitimately justify their own conclusion. Personally, I don't feel entitled to enjoy my parents' success considering I haven't done anything to deserve it except for being fortunate enough to be born to them. However, if I am ever in a financial emergency, would I take it? Of course. I plan on buying a house in the near future, but do I have the 20% down payment to avoid PMI? No, but I can borrow it from my parents. I think that is truly the crux of the argument: those of us with financial support have a safety net where we can take more risk, whereas those without have limited opportunity.

Get Rich Slowly had two excellent articles this week.
In one, he cautions us about Super Bowl ads. While I agree that ads can be extremely powerful, I believe - perhaps in a youthful, invincible mindset - that I am immune to the powers of most advertising, given that a. I'm cheap and b. I support local when I can. That's why I don't see the harm in AGLOCO since it's a personal decision, although I am opposed to advertising products which I don't endorse. Of course if the Salvation Army came out with Super Bowl ads, I'd probably be going on a shopping spree in their thrift store, so maybe I'm not so immune.
The second is actually a guest article by Sally about how to eat vegetarian on the cheap. While I'm not a complete vegetarian (I consider myself an opportunistic omnivore, for those of you with a biology background), I try to eat mostly vegetables because they are generally cheaper and healthier (if done right).

Personal Finance Advice gives us a story about the time he encountered the coupon lady. I must say, that's a pretty wonderful idea, especially since I recently had to throw out some coupons after I realized they had expired. Of course this may take a few extra minutes, but it's always good to send out good karma.

While I generally avoid articles about the economy, the news this week about our -1% savings rate couldn't escape my notice. The Big Picture takes this news and gives us some other interesting data along with predictions where this might take us: "Household Cash versus Debt"

If that wasn't enough and you want more of your Sunday Paper fill, read some of the other good posts of this past week, highlighted in my summaries:
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