Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Sunday Paper

Some people spend their Sunday mornings reading their Sunday paper while others may go to church, sleep in, or dread the coming of Monday. Well, since I don't have a newspaper subscription and don't do any of the aforementioned activities except perhaps the latter, I've decided to survey the blogosphere on this holy day and post a list of my favorite articles or resources. I'm hoping to make this a weekly thing, but we'll see how it goes. Without further ado, here's my Sunday paper:

I Will Teach You to be Rich, one of my favorite blogs, had a couple of interesting posts:
Man Spends $30 on food for a month
At first, I thought he was talking about me...
Food and Personal Finance are Similar
The table by itself is quite depressing and shows why obesity is an epidemic.

Violent Acres has also become one of my regular reads. This woman writes like a pit-bull with her back against the wall, barking and biting left and right. Her style may be a little brusque for some, but it's highly entertaining.
This post relates to the one above and is a good example of her style.

My Two Dollars shows us Where to get free photographs for your blog or website. What? Did someone say free? I'm there. Look for more pretty pictures to be up on here.

Frugal for Life posts the results of her dumpster poll, along with some accompanying articles. I'm glad to know that real adults do it too instead of just students!

I'm usually not one to read posts that tell you what to buy or how you should do things unless I need to do them, but this is a great one to keep for future reference. The Simple Dollar gives us 10 ideas for cheap birthday presents..... when you forgot that it's someone's birthday.

I'm glad that other people feel the same way I do when Everybody Loves Your Money says that My Super Sweet Sixteen Made Me Ill.... and no, not ill as in cool.

Despite what they teach you in high school econ class, My Money Blog shows why Dollar Cost Averaging is for wusses.

This one goes along with my first New Year's Resolution. Dumb Little Man shows us How to Choose a Charity.

And last but not least, Personal Finance Advice explains how to extend the life of your razor. Yeah, I'll do a combination of those suggestions in addition to, perhaps, not shaving?

I hope you liked the first edition of the Sunday Paper. I'll probably keep doing this more for my own sake, but don't be afraid to leave suggestions for the editorial staff consisting of...... me.

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Blogger ~Dawn said...

A most excellant list! I only get the sunday paper for the coupons and the business section.

January 7, 2007 at 8:40 PM  

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