Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Sunday Paper #2

Here's my second installment of The Sunday Paper:

I Will Teach You To Be Rich shows how one reader got his company to pay $16,000 for him to go to school, all for just a few hours of work! What an amazing story. It's just a reminder that whenever you want to go to school, a conference, etc. just ask to see if there's any money available. Asking's never hurt anyone.

Punny Money gives us a list of the top 5 professions with unprofessional websites. I didn't mention this in my New Year's resolution, but I'm planning on creating some websites for local businesses this year. If anyone has any advice as far as website designs or good books/tutorials, let me know!

The Simple Dollar tells us of an article she read in Mother Jones about a class of drivers - hypermilers - that get amazing fuel efficiency out of their cars by using certain techniques. Apparently, this guy can get 59 mpg in a plain old Accord! I use some of his techniques, such as avoiding the use of my breaks and timing green lights, but some of the others, I have yet to try. Driving behind a semi with my engine turned off? I think I'd like to live a few more years. But shutting off my engine whenever I'm stopped for a long time? I think I could do that.

..... and that's about it. Surprising dearth of quality articles this week - either that or maybe I already covered them in my festival summaries. I guess we can't all have a great week unless our name starts with "A" and ends in "pple."

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