Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Sunday Paper #6

Welcome back! The Sunday Paper is back, at least for the short time when I'm not in school and have time to scour other blogs for interesting articles.

Personal Finance Advice explains why poor people have less debt in higher cost of living areas. Quite an interesting phenomenon since it is counterintuitive, but it makes sense to me personally. Last year when I was working and making some money, I wouldn't hesitate to spend money on going out or even treating friends to dinner, but now that I'm living on money owed to Citibank, I've had to cut back on my drug habit.

My Two Dollars finds the best places to find free wireless internet access. I have a funny story about this one. Last year, we didn't have wireless at the house I lived in, but I lived across the street from the music building of my school. Since the doors would be locked at night, I would have to go over and sit outside in the grass with my laptop plugged into the side of the building because my battery was on its last legs. Ghetto fabulous, no?

StopBuyingCrap examines the idea of receiving free services from professional friends - no, not that kind of professional.

Free Money Finance points us to an article showing how intelligence may be linked to income but not wealth. So even if you're stupid, as long as you're frugal, I guess you're fine and well. But what if I'm dumb as a rock and like to go on shopping sprees?

The Sun's Financial Diary shows a complex mathematical proof of why girls are evil. No argument there.

Everybody Loves Your Money found a group who scams the Nigerian email scammers. I guess the old adage is true: what goes around comes around.

An English Major's Money introduces an article in the NYT about outfitting your kitchen for $300. The kitchen is my playpen, so I can relate, but I've found many good deals in thrift stores as well.

Get Rich Slowly examines the costs and savings of installing a rain barrel for your lawn/garden. I'd love to have one since they look so cool, but another thing I do is, when I wash my fruits and veggies, I do it over a pot to collect that water, and I'll water my plants with that.

That's it for now, happy reading, and another edition should be up next Sunday and perhaps even the Sunday after.


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Anonymous Sun said...

Thanks for the mention!

At least, it's entertaining to see somebody can put it together in such a fun way.

May 20, 2007 at 10:29 PM  

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