Saturday, January 24, 2009

$350 in free facebook ads

I'm not one to promote advertising on my website as evidenced by an earlier post. However, I am not against advertising my own site. Now whether that makes me a hypocrite in anyways is an argument we can have another day in some dark alley. But for now, for any of you interested in reaching the vast audiences of facebook have an opportunity to promote yourself, the next great innovation, or even your ex-gf's naughty pics for absolutely free!

Credit goes to superthang at slickdeals:

These coupon codes are only valid for new facebook advertising accounts. I do not get anything for sharing these coupons, they are not tied to me, and are able to be used an unlimited number of times through January 31st with the credits being good for varying amounts of time. I hope you enjoy!

1) Create a facebook account if you do not have one already.
2) Login to your facebook account, then click the “Advertising” link from the bottom of the page. Create an ad and later you’ll able to change the daily budget and CPC. You’ll need a credit card here in order to confirm your account. If you don't plan on paying any extra, I recommend using a credit card where you can create a secure temporary online credit card, so they can't charge you after you run out of funds. Advertising will draw from your coupons completely before charging your card.
3) After creating the advertising account and getting the “Congratulations Message”, click “Funding Sources” > Click “Enter Coupon Code”
4) Enter these coupon codes one at a time. Enter a coupon and wait for success message, then enter another.
5) Go to
6) Click “Go to Application” > Click “Allow”
7) Submit your brief profile info. Use the same email address that you used for your facebook account.
8) Check the email for coupon code.
9) Enter the coupon to your advertising account following the same step as previous (Another $100 to take your total to $350).

The only hitch is that by signing up for the last link, you're letting the Visa Business network explore your facebook habits, but I figure facebook already know my facebook habits, so it's not muchh of a difference.

I just followed these steps and created an ad for none other than this site itself. Good luck! Just as an interesting experiment, if you create an ad, reply on here, and let's see if we see each others ads!


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